Food is food, right? Well, I’m of the opinion that it can be.

Asparagus simply blanched with some good quality butter is food. A scrubbed potato oven-baked to a crisp outside and fluffy innards and served with a dollop of sour cream and plenty of chopped chives is food. A quality aged rib-eye steak flash fried and served in a crusty roll with a little butter, a scrape of horseradish sauce and a good fistful of watercress is food.

The one thing that makes these taste great is flourish. It could be the seasoning. It may be the method. Perhaps it’s the way the ingredients are brought together.  They all amount to flourish.

Flourish’s foundation is knowing what goes with what. Experimenting to find out. Learning by mistakes – both yours and others’.

Here I intend to share my own learning curves and a few recipes that I hope will really add a flourish to your life and those of people you know.


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